I love my master;

Thus I perfume myself with

This long-rotten squirrel.

I lie belly-up 
In the sunshine, happier than
You will ever be.

Today I sniffed many 
Doggy derrieres-and I celebrate 
By kissing your face.

I sound the alarm,
Paperboy-come to kill us all,

Look! Look! Look! Look! 

I lift my leg and 
Annoint a bush. Hello Spot, 
Sniff this and weep. 

My human is home! 
I am so ecstatic 
I have made a puddle. 

Behold my choke chain, 
Look world, they strangle me!

Ack! Ack! Ack! 

Sleeping here, my chin 
On your foot- no greater bliss.

Well, maybe catching rats...
Dig under the fence- why?

Because it's there. 
Because it's there. 

My owner's mood is romantic. 
I lie near their feet, 
Expelling much gas. 

How I love thee? 
The way are numberless as 
My hairs on the rug. 

I am your best friend, 
Now, always, and especially 
When you are eating.
Look in my eyes and 
Deny it. No human could 
Love you so much. 

Unknown author.

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